Open Data Day (ODD) is an annual celebration of open data all over the world  ( This year, ODD will take place in the week between March 2-8, 2024.

As Laboratory of Geodetic and Photogrammetric Measurements (LabMGF) of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DICA, Politecnico di Milano), we are taking part in ODD and we are glad to invite you to the webinar Mapping Climate Change in 4D: Belvedere Glacier’s Open Geo Data for Education and Research

The webinar will introduce the geospatial open data of the Belvedere Glacier (Italian Alps) with UAV and aerial photogrammetry during the long-term monitoring campaign carried out by the DICA department, in collaboration with the DIIATI department of Politecnico di Torino and Alta Scuola Politecnica. The event is focused on promoting the utilization of the open data acquired on the Belvedere Glacier acquired by our research laboratory and accessible on Zenodo (

To participate, kindly register by filling out the form:

When and where

Some practical information

1. Software Installation:

The practical session of the webinar will require specific software installations for QGIS and CloudCompare. Detailed instructions on how to install the required software are provided in the PDF document named “ODD-InstallationGuide.pdf” available here open_data_day_2024.

2. Data Download:

The data used in the practical session is derived from a subsample of open data available on Zenodo ( For simplicity, we recommend downloading only the specific subsampled dataset by accessing the following shared folder and download all the material: open_data_day_2024

The same folder will include the presentation material too.


Module 1: Introduction (Duration: Approximately 1 hour):

  • Overview of the Belvedere Glacier monitoring and research project
  • Presentation of the innovative teaching experience of the Summer School “Design and Implementation of Topographic Surveys for Territorial Monitoring in Mountain Environments” for BSc and MSc students and carried out at the Belvedere Glacier since 2016.
  • Preparation of results of the long-term monitoring campaign of the Belvedere Glacier and of the open data publicly available in the Zenodo repository

Module 2: Hands-on workshop (Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours)

  • Practical focus for students and those interested in working with open data
  • DTM and Point cloud processing tutorials using open-source software: QGIS and CloudCompare

An aperitivo will follow the event at around 19.00, for whom will take part to the event in person.

Webinar Slides